Endometriosis and PCOS and Swadhisthana Chakra

What are Endometriosis and PCOS?

Endometriosis and PCOS Endometriosis: It is a disorder wherein the tissue that generally lines the inside of the uterus (endometrium) starts growing outside. It is usually a painful disorder. It involves the ovaries, bowel or the tissue that lines the pelvis. In some cases the endometrial tissue can extend outside of the pelvic region. In this disorder the endometrial tissue thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle just as it would normally do. The displaced gets trapped in the body as it has no way to exit. Endometriosis that involves the ovaries results in cysts, called endometriomas. Even the surrounding tissues get irritated and develop scar tissue and adhesions. This disorder can be extremely painful, especially during periods and may lead to fertility issues.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): PCOS is a common hormonal disorder faced by women in their reproductive age. One of its symptoms is infertility. This condition is often overlooked as the symptoms of PCOS are generally unrelated. It causes irregular menstrual cycles, excessive body or facial hair etc. Women suffering from PCOS produce slightly higher amounts of androgens, the male hormone, which contributes to some of the signs of the disorder. PCOS has no medical cure and the treatment targets mitigating its symptoms.

Imbalanced Chakra related to Endometriosis and PCOS

Swadhisthana Chakra controls the kidneys and the muscular system of our body. Any imbalance in this Chakra may cause disorders such as Endometriosis and PCOS. This Chakra is imbalanced when a person does not realize about the care and nurturing given by the environment. He or she feels not worthy or not good enough to accomplish anything in life and these results in self-doubt. They also feel devoid of love and care and blame themselves for not being loved. This Chakra, also known as Sacral Chakra is blocked by the self-doubt, low self-worth, fear of the unknown and fear that something will happen to me, etc. The fear of the unknown is why most women suffer miscarriages.

The individual is free from self-doubt once this Chakra is balanced and ultimately the physical symptoms of endometriosis and PCOs will disappear.

Treating Endometriosis and PCOS with Chakra Therapy

Chakra Therapy plays an important role in treating ailments such as Endometriosis and PCOS. This is an alternate type of treatment which is devoid of any side effects and treats not just the said disorders but transforms the individual to face life without fear and doubt. Chakra therapy imparts the right mindset to approach any problem and find solution for Endometriosis and PCOS.

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy for Chakra Healing

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) uses specific Rudraksha and Ratna in evolved stringing methodology for chakra balancing and healing. There exists a correlation between Rudraksha, gemstones and Swadhisthana Chakra. Choosing appropriate Rudraksha and gemstone and wearing them as per RRST methodology unblocks the Swadhisthana Chakra, thus providing relief from Endometriosis and PCOS.

Gemstones such as Pearl and 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is ideal to treat arthritis.

Causes & Symptoms

  • Excess insulin
  • Low-grade inflammation
  • Heredity etc.
  • Acne
  • Weight gain and trouble losing weight
  • Extra hair on the face and body
  • Thinning hair on the scalp
  • Irregular periods
  • Fertility problems
  • Depression etc.
Chakra Associated with Endometriosis and PCOS Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra
Chakra Blocked By Fears, insecurities, guilt and feeling not appreciated/less worthy.
Chakra Unblocked When You live a life free of fears and guilt. You feel cherished, precious and special.
Rudraksha for Treating Endometriosis and PCOS 16 Mukhi Rudraksha
Gemstone for Treating Endometriosis and PCOS Pearl

You can consult our experts at Rudraksha Ratna and find the right Rudraksha/Gemstone and their wearing methodology to prevent and cure Endometriosis and PCOS. Rudraksha Ratna provides expert guidance on all health related issues caused by blocked Chakras.

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