Throat (Vishudha) Chakra

The 5th Chakra: Throat (Vishudha) Chakra

Vishuddha Chakra

Voice of Throat (Vishudha) Chakra: “You are an effective Communicator”. “You are full of Knowledge and Wisdom”.

Introduction: The original Sanskrit name for the Throat Chakra is Vishuddha. Vishuddha means 'purification' or 'cleansing’.

Color: Blue
Element: Sound
Location: Throat region between the collarbones
Musical Note: G
Glandular Connection: Thyroid glands
Frequency: 250 -275 Hz plus 1200 Hz
Objective: Speaking your truth coming from the center of your willpower, listening and being heard, communication, finding you true voice and expressing your truth

Description: The Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra is depicted as a sixteen leafed lotus flower containing an inverted triangle that represents speech and in turn contains a full moon. The Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra is situated between the third and fifth neck vertebra and opens towards the throat. The Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra corresponds with the thyroid and parathyroid in the endocrine system. The Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra is not only the centre of communication and speech, but also hearing and listening are controlled by this centre. The life lesson taught by this Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra is self-expression and the power of choice. If this Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra is blocked you may not only feel insecure, but also weak and would not able to voice your emotions. Physical problems related to Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra are: thyroid disorders, sore throats, back aches, ear infections, cold hands and feet, chronic diseases and auto immune disorders.

Is Your Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra Healthy or Blocked?

If Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra is blocked you may feel insecure, but also weak and not able to voice your emotions. Physical problems related to this chakra are: thyroid disorders, sore throats, back aches, ear infections, cold hands and feet, chronic diseases and auto immune disorders.

Power of Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra

Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra governs our communication, self-expression and the power of choice. It is located at the neck, near the spine with the pit of the throat being its activation point. It stands for expressing our truth right from the center of our soul. Vishuddha means deep purification and it seeks to purify us within and also purify the definition of the world that we live in.

A person with a healthy Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra has vocal cords with thorough clarity and resonance. A balanced chakra makes it easy to interact and communicate with others. People whose Vishuddha chakra is in harmony are excellent decision makers and have no problems chasing their dreams.

An individual with a blocked Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra feels insecure in speech and is not able to articulate his thoughts. The physical manifestations show up as thyroid disorders, backache and immunity disorders.

When Energy Is Not Flowing Freely In Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra, some Of The Following Physical Symptoms Arise:

Associated Organs with Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra

Blockages in the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra manifest in all the parts of the neck especially the throat, mouth and teeth and gums. This also includes the oesophagus, trachea and the neck vertebrae. It also includes the endocrine glands of the thyroid, parathyroid and the hypothalamus.

Balanced Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra:

The voice of a balanced throat chakra will be rhythmic and resonant, clear with precise expression, a good communicator, contented, who finds it easy to mediate. Their creativity flows freely in their artistic expression and they find it easy to express their truth. They have the ability to make decisions and once made are able to follow their dream.

Overactive Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra:

The voice in an overactive throat chakra will be shrill and loud; they will often interrupt and dominate conversations. The general attitude is often judgmental and criticising with a distinct lack of listening to others or letting information in. They are not in touch with their feelings and are staying safe by intellectualising and analysing, avoiding the vulnerability of feelings.

Underactive Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra:

The under active throat chakra produces a constricted, whispering voice, often mumbling and whiney, timid and not able to speak up for themselves. This person will find it difficult to initiate a conversation, as if they don't have the right to ask a question. They will often forget to tell you something important, and they cannot find the words to express their emotions.

Illnesses associated with the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra:

The throat chakra expresses its lack of balance in the form of any throat problems like laryngitis, raspy throat, chronic sore throat and goitre as well as swollen glands. The area around the mouth can often be affected by mouth ulcers and other gum diseases like gingivitis or tooth abscesses.

Energetic Healing of The Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra:

Being the instrument of our sound creation, the throat chakra responds deeply to healings with sound and to music like Tibetan meditation bowls and chanting. Being able to be heard at a very deep level can be very therapeutic. Healing of the throat chakra can be done by using their voice in singing and chanting or even reading poetry or any other form of expressing through words like drama and acting.

We all know that communication is the key to harmonious relationships (personally and professionally), yet how many of us struggle with expressing ourselves openly and honestly, unsure of how the other person might respond? You get what you want by asking for it, but how many of us have been taught it's better to keep quiet, than to open your mouth and potentially create confrontation or conflict?

If you are one who has trouble expressing your truth, look to your blue throat chakra for some help, located of course at the throat. When balanced this chakra helps us to express who we really are, not only via our verbal communication, but also through the clothes we wear, the career we choose and the lifestyle we live. Do these things match who you feel you really are, or have you conformed to the reality around you not wanting to risk judgment, criticism or being outcast by a certain social, cultural or family group?

We fear the worst, imagining that our truth will cause another to no longer like or want us. Not wanting to create waves in our relationship or risk getting fired, we choose to keep our thoughts to ourselves or share them with friends and colleagues. This release brings temporary relief but in the long term does nothing to solve our problems. When we don't speak our truth to who we need to speak it to, that person remains oblivious (they can't read our minds!) and any minor irritations or issues on our part are sure to become major eventually. As hard as communicating our truth may be, it is not communicating that will cause us the largest waves in the long run.

Effects of A Blocked Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra

Physically, the blocks we hold around our throat chakra can manifest as: Ear, nose, or throat problems Thyroid Issues Problems hearing Stuttering Bronchitis Stiff neck

In a nutshell, Your Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra

To balance your Throat Chakra, re-connect with your true nature and feel safe enough to express it, start journaling. This is a safe place to write down all your thoughts and feelings and an excellent way to allow the voice of your true inner you be heard. You will discover deep hidden thoughts, feelings and desires that you haven't fully acknowledged or have long forgotten about. Also try painting, art and craftwork, chanting or singing.

Primary Purpose

Self-expression, integrity and ability to communicate our visions, dreams and purpose. Ability to establish and maintain successful relationships

Indriyas (Senses)

Speaking, Hearing

When your Vishuddha Chakra is closed

You are afraid to speak up and say what you want or feel, going along with others so you don't upset anyone; you get sore throats often and feel like your throat is blocked.

When your Vishuddha Chakra is opened

You are comfortable speaking your truth, you experience others listening to you and you feel that you are heard and honored for your truth.

Vishuddha Chakra is Blocked by

Comparison/ feeling low self-worth/ feeling helpless/not expressing own uniqueness.

Vishuddha Chakra is Unlocked when

Expressing and realizing own uniqueness and being creative in all situations.


Expansion, Healing


Powerful communication, creativity, intelligence, growth in career

Physical Symptoms

Thyroid, Flu, Fevers, Blisters, Infections, Herpes, Itching, Sores, Tonsillitis, Hair fall, Toothaches, Speech Disorders, TMJ, Hyperactivity, Melancholy, Hormonal Problems, Swelling, Hiccups, Mood Swings

Psychological Functions

Communication, Wisdom, Speech, Trust, Creative Expression, Planning, Spatial, Organization, Caution

Emotional Symptoms

Poor listener or settling with others opinions rather than your own. Shyness or arrogance leading to anxiety

Endocrine Glands


Associated Body Parts

Throat, Vocal System, Mouth, Jaw, Parathyroid, Tongue, Neck, Shoulders, Lymph (Perspiration)

In order to balance the Vishuddha chakra certain types of Rudraksha beads and gemstones when worn and used according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) supplies the requisite frequency and color to the Vishuddha. After this chakra is balanced the physical and psychological symptoms disappear. The individual is confident to face live with better communication ability and expressive skills. He/she realizes own individuality.

Chakra Balancing

Use your Voice. Practice expressing your feelings about art and music, sing in the shower and take conscious breaths feeling the sensation of air fill your throat and lungs.

Aroma for Chakra Balancing

Lavender, Geranium, Coriander and Chamomile

Chakra Balancing Foods

Drink tea, eat sauces and soups.

Seed Mantra

Chant “HAM” silently or loudly and turn your energy inwards in a few minutes.


Yellow Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine and Turquoise

Meditation to Heal your Vishuddha Chakra

  • Cross your fingers on the inside of your hands, without the thumbs. Let the thumbs touch at the top, and pull them slightly up.
  • Concentrate on the Throat chakra at the base of the throat.
  • Chant the sound “HAM”.

Do for 10 minutes and feel the sensation of awakening of the Vishuddha chakra.

Release Limiting Beliefs

  • I release belief that I have no power or authority
  • I release fear of not speaking up
  • I release pattern of letting others speak for me
  • I release anger that that I can't find the words
  • I release fear of letting others dominate me verbally
  • I ask myself: what am I afraid of
  • I release belief that it is pointless to speak
  • I release belief that I am unheard
  • I release fear that my words are misunderstood
  • I release the fear of saying NO
  • I release fear of speaking honestly
  • I release fear that I don't want to hear it.
  • I release fear of Arguing
  • I release the belief that I am afraid to argue
  • I release fear that I don't want to hear it
  • I release fear of conflicts
  • I release fear of debates
  • I release fear of too many voices
  • I release all rage and anger caught in the throat
  • I release holding back of energy
  • I release giving my power away to avoid conflict
  • I release unexpressed feelings
  • I release intense frustration
  • I release the feeling of choking on my words.
  • I release the fear that I am unable to swallow my reality
  • I release the belief that expressing myself is unacceptable
  • I release all shame and guilt
  • I release the belief that I have no will power
  • I release the feeling that I don't know my truth
  • I release the feeling that I can't speak my voice
  • I release the fear that it is too big a risk
  • I release the feeling of holding back
  • I release the feelings of anxiety attacks.

Now Do Affirmations Below

Thank you God,

I am the authority in my world / I am speaking my truth and supported by others / I am powerful and safe within my family / I am power of choice / I am the creator of my life / I am personal authority / I am centered / I make wise choices and decisions / I am allowing others their opinions and choices and I am allowing mine / I am honored…

Letting it in, opening the throat chakra…..

I am open to hearing / I speak with clarity and kindness / I am important / what I have to say is important / I am allowing others to speak their truths / I am supported in speaking my truth / My words are supported by love and joy / I exist / I am deserving / I am my spiritual self / my choices about life serve my highest good...

Specific Rudraksha and gemstones when worn as per RRST give the required frequency and colour to the Throat chakra and balance it. Once the chakra is balanced, physical and emotional symptoms disappear and the wearer is empowered to face life with good communication and expression skills and realisation of his own individuality.


Product Description: Makes wearer bold, expressive, communicative and intelligent. Wearer gets powerful and melodious speech and he expands in awareness and understanding. Wearer releases timid/shy / suppressed nature and enhances his own uniqueness, creativity and self-worth.

Healing Bracelet - J

Product Description: Just as fire consumes everything, 3 mukhi burns the past karmic blocks, 5 mukhi gives peace and health, 7 mukhi attracts new opportunities, 9 mukhi gives power and protection and 11 mukhi gives wisdom and knowledge. A very powerful combination that cleanses past karma, stresses, low self-esteem, past memories and discontentment..


Product Description: Enhances good luck, fortune, wealth, prosperity and self confidence.

Ways to balance Chakras

Balanced Chakras allow the Universal energy or the prana to flow freely through the body from one energy center to another. Not only does this promotes optimal physical health, but it also allows reconnection with consciousness and fosters a state of spiritual awakening. There are multiple ways of balancing chakras. Meditation, Mudras, Mantras, Yoga Asanas, Sound Vibrations, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Chakra Affirmations, Crystals and stones are some of the ways in which one may balance or unblock the Chakras. Of all the methods to balance the Chakras, usage of appropriate combination of Rudraksha beads and Gemstones is the most efficient and potent. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is an alternative healing therapy which balances the 7 Chakras by not only using a unique combination of Rudraksha and Gemstones and a specific methodology of wearing them as bracelets and pendants as per chakra science. RRST combinations empower individuals with physical and mental wellbeing, spiritual progress, success and help tune in with the natural laws of life through opening of the chakras

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Vishuddha Chakra
Audio Mantra

Chakra Meditation Video

Meditation Technique By Neeta Singhal

Neeta Singhal has developed a unique meditation technique which is called "Release meditation" based on Neti Neti Yog by Jagatguru Shri Adi Shankaracharya. In this technique, the fears are brought to surface and are then released completely from all aspects of life into a rotating vortex which is a black hole that destroys everything. "Facing a fear is bringing it into light and that enables us to release the fear", she says. This meditation style also involves playing the Gayatri mantra or resonance music in the background.

Music by Shailendra Bhartti

Swar Yog (Music to awaken Vishuddha Chakra) by Shailendra Bhartti

Shailendra Bhartti is a world renowed devotional singer. He has the art of taking the audience in deep meditation with his knowledge of "Swara Yog" which is union with the divine through chakra beeja mantras. His melodious renditions have a combination of "Bhava" (emotions) and "Bhakti" ( devotion) and "Samarpan" (surrender).

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